The little foxes

                            ​To whom it may concern..
   Forget the fame, forget the recognition.The first drop of respect is how early you approach his presence.

     This is not a paragraph of beef ooh…You say you respect this God and you stroll in hours after the service had begun.During the praise, you stand so tall like the Mont Sinai, observing the ‘behind’ of the sister ahead.The worship starts but you stir like its your first time hearing the song.Greatest observer its not about the song or the lead.. My dear it’s your attitude to worship!

   You are lost in thought during the prayer session, thinking of the best way to stop that sister to get a picture of her clothe and hairstyle
Hmmm.. Babe are you here to upgrade your wardrobe options?
Ten minutes into pastor’s sermon you search desperately for your phone
“Mehnn its time for subway surf or candy crush”
Flipping through Instagram pictures, it is the best time to reply your Facebook messages 
Thirty minutes gone, you are looking for the wall clock.

When the pastor calls for the worshippers, you boldly lift up your ‘holy’ hands, you forgot he searches the intent of the heart, not the act you put on
Later you come up with the phrase “God bless me”
Aunty, I know you don’t sleep around, wear those transparent nylon as clothes, fab your neighbor’s stuffs but uncle, you forgot its the little foxes that spoil the vine


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