Bed undefiled:sexual purity and virginity

“I am a virgin but I have fun wrapping myself with the pornography movie I took from my elder sister”she happily voiced out.

Hanging around some ladies might be difficult most especially when you have to prove a point to avoid being taken for granted or being called childish.This will help,do read and pass to all your men and women who still wants their beds undefiled.

Dear young guys and ladies,

Virginity and purity are not the same, Just like facts and Truths are not.
You must stop all these emotional nonsense. 

Grace is not a licence to be sexually immoral. Though righteousness is your God-given new nature as a gift of love in Christ, you don’t make a mess of it.

Lions by nature roar but they can also be trained to bark like dogs, though its their nature to roar. When you mimic and try to do like devil any way especially sexual immorality, you deliberately expose your heavenly nature to demonic invasion. 

Receive grace to stop hanging out in dark/secret places and kissing without marriage licence, and to stop touching nonsense and romancing demons. 

Nurture and give room for self-control, a fruit of the Spirit in you. Be open and accountable to spiritual authorities whose leadership and integrity are not quectionable and without control and monitoring. 

Cut off now from destiny destroyers disguising as true lovers with demonic emotions!!!Get out of complicated and sinful affairs. Paul used all these words: flee youthful lusts..; Abstain all appearances of evil..; Mortify the deeds of your flesh..; Purge yourself.. etc because you have been bought with a price of the blood of Jesus.
I remember a mentor’s remark on this issue, he said “once you make sexual mistake as a minister, ministry closes in 5 minutes” though I believe GRACE can reopen it just like you can rise by grace even if you fall. However, stop taking GRACE for granted!
God is always proud of those who deny themselves. 


Pastor Tope Awofisayo

Sexual purity is  not just a group of words coined from the dictionary,its a burning desire, a desperate thirst,a caught up passion and a driving force.You must be determined to say NO to any sexual act to maintain an undefiled bed.


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