Your Ad-Dress

      All in a white dress,running around like trains were about to collide.I was in that part of the world where white didn’t signify the morning of a broken teeth or the loss of a loved one.She  was not getting married either cause I saw the the touch of red forming a backdrop just around her waist line.Her movement;I could compare with the pendulum bulb used in my last physics practical just that hers paused alot at intervals.

       I fell head over heels in love with her zeal in putting things in place for the Valentine party organised by my department but I felt bugged by her constant bending.Yes, I know she was working, but her tight fitted short gown did so much of the talking.I knew the guys around me purposely dropped some things so she could just do the bending…hole up!am not jealous ohhhh,I just didn’t find it comfortable having to watch something private,publicly displayed.

  Now let’s be more serious,I feel every thing you wear should first make you comfortable without dragging others outside their comfort zone.More emphasis is made on we believers,as the church already has become a place to show off your figure 8 more than your spiritual closet.What’s the point of being called a Christian when we don’t act like one? Your address as a believer is in Christ,


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