Questioned purity

    We were all so happy to be together again after 4 years apart,some had gotten engaged,started working and become big guys and ladies in the top universities in the country.I still couldn’t believe even Bisola the smallest in my set had become fatter than me.Wonders shall never end sha.. 

    I was just observing everyone as they all wanted to share one thing or the other.It was my secondary school reunion and people wanted to prove they had moved further than others like it was a relay race.I finally got my mind stuck to a particular discussion that got many questions dropping to say hi.

“I am a virgin but I have fun wrapping myself with the pornography movies I took from my elder sister”Bisola said.The other ladies and guys hailed her continuously saying she was now grown and I could see the large grin that appeared on her face wider than the road that leads to hell.

         I just couldn’t stop ruminating on Bisola’s words when i got home that evening. it sounded contradicting to me.One very question I couldn’t answer was the difference between virginity and sexual purity.Is it just another name for the same person or are they different personalities entirely?In my search for an answer I thought of throwing this question to the public.What is your take for this? Do drop your comment.


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  1. kenieo says:

    I think virginity is more of the physical. I mean because no one has had a carnal knowledge of you makes you a virgin.

    Sexually Purity is all encompassing and mostly of the Spiritual. If your soul ruminates over Sex due to your engagement in erotic contents to an extent that your spirit isn’t at rest due to your thoughts, words and deeds, you are NOT sexually pure.

    What I mean is that ‘lust’ for instance is a thing of the heart (spirit), not action (physical). If you engage in it, you are sexually im-pure.


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