Adjust that lens!

      Oooh ooh there he went again,walking as slow as a snail,having his red big eyes married to the ground,no ant dared tread on his path.He carried the big tray wide enough to feed ten children on his head as his triceps and leg muscles got sweaty,i knew with such look, he could pull down the tower of Babel with his bare hands and beat down Samson the great.

      He walked carefully  through the wet clay ground till he got to the cement mixing site where he poured off the sand in his tray.I didn’t pay so much attention cause of his noticeable six packs or his sweaty scorched skin but I was attracted to his level of focus and determination to reach his goal despite the weight he had on was indeed a reality show !

       I envied his style of getting the job done and related it to our lives as who we continously call ourselves to be…Believers! We ought to carry our cross and focus on the prize ahead just like our mentor Jesus Christ has done.But we get distracted and tossed to and fro by strange winds of doctrine,rain of pride,the sun of doubt and the cool moon of evil associations like our big brother,Apostle Peter who walked on water.

     Yes,the view might be foggy due to the cloud of circumstances around and the darkness that surrounds the earth but we must stand firm in his promises,adjust that lens and refocus on the author and the finisher of our faith.Remember, there is a prize to be obtained,keep your eyes on the prize,Be focused!


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