Cut that Rope!

​    Like a pregnant woman pushing hard to flush the little being out of her,I pushed with all my might,I struggled with the hands pulling me down,the ropes used in holding me to the long flat bed felt tighter as I wrestled more with them.I just wanted to move forward!

    I remembered playing with those ropes long ago,hold on not a little child who lack toys,I just loved how long the ropes were as it signified the people I held close,the people I wrapped around myself like the leaves of the cabbage.I walked with them and let out all of my secret like the steam moving freely from a cooking pot.

     I looked up expecting an imaginary hand to help me up but as I had used all of my strength to push against the wave just to move forward,i guess my only hope was just in my imaginations!My ropes were pulling me back from my dreams and ropes held me down to my past so much that I had no glimpse of the future.I thought these ropes were meant to lock my eyes to my visions,my goals and dreams.Why are the opposite happening to me?My ropes were my closest pals,my listening ears and my gisting partners..they were my friends that should be a source of inspiration,a push to fulfilling my dreams!

     As the new year unfolds,a very crucial thing to do is sieving the shaft from the grains.Cut off that relationship tying you down,cut off that friendship holding you back from reaching your goals. Shut your eyes and ears to anyone who doesn’t contribute to your vision.You need to cut off that rope!


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  1. Nice one dearie.proud of you

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  2. Festus says:



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