When a king becomes a servant…

     I struggled with him as he pressed hard till I had no strength left to resist him.i was weighed down by his mighty fist like a woman under the influence of a strong depressant.Though, I had my mind calculative on the next step to take,my flesh was as weak as the beaten yam in a mortar.

      I couldn’t help taking  my mind back to all the promises I wrapped around my heart,as they now sounded like fables.The words I heard in time past now seemed to have lost its meaning in my ears, as i found myself receiving debit alerts of questions that never made my ledger account balanced.

      I almost took the bait!I had pulled off all my identity as a soldier and taken up my stand as a civilian for him.I stepped down my position as a ruler who had him below my feet to one who was subjected to his every bidding.

       He was the circumstances of life that made me loose my breastplate of righteousness. My loincloth of truth had also gone missing as I staggered with sored feet without the gospel of peace laced on.I was pierced on every side with his fiery darts because my shield of faith was first taken away,I also couldn’t avoid the blood dripping from my head as I had a broken helmet. My salvation was indeed questioneable!My unsharpened sword gave more room for his gests as I had God’s word far from my lips.

      My present state can be yours in few minutes! Are you fit as a soldier,prepared, standing firm and complete?Think on these things….


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  1. kenieo says:

    Reblogged this on The Echo 📢 📢 📢 and commented:
    Soldier, Stand!!! ⚔⚔👑
    Nice one, Tolani 👍👌

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  2. Ukpebor Wisdom says:

    I pray for strength to remain his Soldier.

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