Two Legs into the Future….. 

         I woke up earlier, unlike the usual time with so much burden big enough to crumble the great walls of china.I couldn’t help thinking of the next step to take or the right path to walk on.I had anxiety giving me a head massage and worries working on my feet like a Baker kneading a pizza dough.


     Hovering around were strange thoughts rising like the incense from a suya joint,I wasn’t lost in them but then, they started giving me that clumsy tap all over.I just felt stuffy and found myself desperately searching for an oxygen mask.

      I saw 2016 in a glimpse with its incomplete building of goals.Taking a closer look,i saw the leaking pipes of mistakes,the cracked walls of anger,the faulty tap of impatience,the broken ceiling of unforgiveness,the torn window blinds of missed opportunities,the unmaintained sockets of friendship,the cold hearth of my spirituality and the dead clock of my identity!

     Its time to reflect on how well we have handled everything in year 2016.Yes!We can’t correct the past, but we can live a better present to have a profitable future. 


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  1. oyekan says:

    Whao….really love the style of writing…a beautiful work…I found it inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lakisha says:

    All of my questions sentled-thatks!


    1. Am glad this post answered your questions


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