Tears that couldn’t roll out to wet the                     cheeks,
       Perhaps another Samaritan might                           just notice.
        Aches that the body cannot hold up,          The pangs intensify with great flux.

     Pains beyond the limits of the                              dolorimeter,
        It’s such that mortals are not                            configured to bear.

           It’s such that the mouth cannot                          utter,

          Seems the more you share, the                        more the hurt.
         But to every man that is hurting,

            I pray thee healing,

        And the yokes broken by reason of                  the anointing,


                                ©Akinlade Ibukunoluwa

                                   IG: pristineIBK

                                   Pix by Onaolapo Bisola


One Comment Add yours

  1. oyekan says:

    Hummn….I totally agree with the part …”seems the more you share,the more the hurt”…
    Amen to the prayer of healing….

    Liked by 1 person

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