The Imbalance equation of Love 

      Sitting at the park,I looked around in admiration till a lady caught my attention. She looked  like she was searching for something invisible.she was finding it stressful to move,not because she didn’t have a car nor because her legs were glued to the floor,she struggled so much with her sweats dripping all over her,she looked like one who was lost in her world of imagination.

         I watched closely as she muttered words,hitting her head mercilessly with her hands,i almost concluded she was insane till I saw her signal to her driver to go home without her as she sat on a wooden bench stirring confused at the concrete floor.

   Being the nosey lady I was, I walked up to her with so much boldness,sat closely and asked”is anything wrong?”She stirred at me with so much pain and as the tear dropped, she finally said “mama said I should expect nothing from humans to avoid disappointment.. I wish I had listened “I was going to throw out a free hug but she needed the handkerchief more.Blowing out the mucous stucked to her nose,I held her vibrating hands,she said ” I loved with my heart,what more did he want?”

     I was in no position to answer her but I got the gist was about being in love,but really I always thought love was offence ohhh but why does it sound like its a feeling to be managed rather than being enjoyed? Why does it sound more difficult than graduating with a first-class in O.A.U?why does it require so much energy to get a satisfactory product in the reaction of love?

    The experience I just heard from this young lady coupled with others I have heard relating with people, gives me goose bumps when I hear people talk of love.Love should be as the Bible explains it:patience,kind,not self seeking,never envies,never puffs up. ..why does it look so balanced there  while it is the opposite in our contemporary world?why does it absorbs so much of our internal energy like an endothermic reaction?

  As much as people have to endure their love walk,there are also a few who enjoy theirs every step of the way. Yes! There is an imbalance in the equation of love…but who knows the missing value in its equation?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The difference some of the time is bcus we allow emotions to get in d way. Emotions is not love, emotions only stimulate the oil of attraction. God loved humanity and dats y he chased dem out of the garden. He loved humanity that’s y He watched His Son die…

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  2. sbest says:

    love is not an equation dat needs to be solved. love is not a feeling bcos feelings go. love is a decision (that sounds more realistic). sometimes i wonder if people should marry out of respect for one another or out of love. if love is a decision then it is endured and not enjoyed. the main issue is that if love is not a feeling then how can we name something we dont feel. we talk of agape love, bt apart from jesus, is agape love possible? i dont know and ive not seen it happen.

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    1.’ve got a lovely description on what love is and I feel love brings respect .Our next post on relationship will discuss more on the agape love.Be expectant!


  3. Festus says:

    The missing value is God. A relationship that is not approved by God will struggle to survive and crumble. Let God choose and build a healthy relationship… God does not disappoint. The simple truth is that love is gentle and does not hurt. Fear of God is very important to avoid toxic relationship. Learn to forgive, disremember the past and focus in your present relationship.

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