Our leaders:Our Nation!

   Sipping a cup of tea,with my crossed legs on the round bottom chair, I took a close look at the day’s papers.I was dazed by a caption which gave the amount of money allocated for the feeding and travelling cost of our leaders for the year 2017.

        I took time out meditating on the allocation of such enormous amount to the poor family spending the night on the street of Lagos and the young children without food or new clothes this festive period.I just imagined the joy that would be emitted from them,it sure has the capacity of melting a candle without lighting it.

      Gone are the days of king Solomon when the poor,homeless and orphans were invited in his porch for a feast,those days when the joy of the people were paramount in the heart of their  leaders.These people have the deep blue sea as their source of water,the shinning stars as their light,the rusting branches and leaves as their only remembrance of hope!Understanding the only time a man should be in a box is when he’s dead,they wander around the streets searching desperately for freedom.Freedom from this lack and incompleteness.

     I hear people say the future will be brighter,I agree with them,but my heart raises a question:The future will come tomorrow but where is our today? I employ us as believers,take up the stand,stop complaining,pray for our leaders.A strong leader births a strong nation!


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