The Epilogue of 2016

   Today I sat in the bus,just randomly thinking,then my eyes caught a being  arrayed with just his panties,wait ohhhh…don’t run into conclusion. If he was a kid,it would have meant nothing to me but he was a grown man with sooo much beards,looking so dirty,muttering unknown words to himself, walking aimlessly.

         Just about that time,I saw children I could recall singing were the leaders of tomorrow carrying a flat metallic plate,singing something different, begging for alms.

      I was taken aback by another man rolling on the floor with a locally made skater, the only difference was he was on his knees not on his feet as have seen in movies,looking closely,I saw he had very tiny legs wrapped in,forming a W-shape around the skater begging for alms. 

   Then I searched desperately for pure reasons why people with legs,who have shelter and food to eat,who are sane and clothed are cajoled to praise God,why it looks like we are being forced to give thanks,why you wake up in the morning without a word of gratitude,why the day ends with your rainfall of complains,why the thoughts in our hearts are seasoned  with things we feel God has not done.I just wonder if I became an alien overnight with extra eyes, seeing  all the people I saw today on the road cause people don’t act like they see them in their approach to thanksgiving.

   This post today is just to remind you and I of the things God has done and how much of gratitude we owe him.Just take the day to say thank you, don’t ask for anything, reflect on his goodness and say thank you


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