Don’t forget your compass!

    When I hear people ask if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed,I wonder if there is a constant part of the bed to wake from…just wondering ohhh but I watch the way things get unwrapped as the day progresses and discovered everybody’s morning is like a compass that shows the direction of your whole day.

   Growing up,I saw a compass as that instrument in my mathematical set used in construction of circles and in that boring loci and locus construction class 

But after watching the Titanic movie, I saw it was used in directing that massive ship.On a deeper thought, I understood it as a  radar used to guide one across the trackless seas of life and i concluded every man had to find his own way, steered by some secret compass of the soul.

   Waking up,the little steps you take in the morning as a believer can configure your whole day just like the little compass does to a massive ship.

   Observing your quiet time,knowing his will for the day,committing your ways to the God that knows the end from the beginning,configuring your day with your confession and making proper plans for the day may all sound really unnecessary and little but we forget its the little drops of water that makes an ocean.

    We should never forget an iced cake differs from a plain cake in taste and look.People who get there compass early every morning will definitely be different!


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