Donald in the music industry

  Donald,as a little child learnt to play the violin simply because it made him happy.Building this well of interest in music at a very tender age,a time came when he thought he had more interest in his life than playing the violin so he swirled his steering wheel to being a lumberjack.As fate caught up with him,growing up,he got a scholarship at the Oral Roberts university where he studied the trombone, guitar as well as the violin.

    Becoming a man of great passion and energy, he paved his way into greatness in the music industry back in the early 80’s.Born  June 29 1950,as a man driven by his passion for great worship songs,he was already  working in the fields in his university days.

 After gathering so much experience working with Terry Law ministries for over ten years,he moved to having a label group he called the Integrity music where he acquired other media companies and conversed as a radio host.

   Many people never knew he stepped down a secured position at a company,going against all logical reasons and the thought of catering for his wife and children because he was instructed by the holyspirit.Those tough and trying times are far from being remembered now, as his present worth and fame in this world is nothing to be compared to his beginning as he has released innumerable songs.Donald James Moen,popularly called Don Moen is married with five children moving strong in the lord.

No matter your present status,don’t loose hope and don’t give up..A great future is ahead!Remember,though your beginning may be small,your later end will surely be greater 


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