Tale of a Worshiper 

    Just as the opening prayers started, I lifted my hands up in holiness; moving steadily to the depth of the spiritual atmosphere,ressonating to the beat of the praise session, someone tapped me,looking back and seeing a familar face,i gave him a tip of my attention… 

“You will be taking the 10minutes worship session” he grimaced…

    My intellectual musical list played once more in my brain as the computerised music box arranged and rearranged sessions of songs and how they would be followed logically. (Well apparently I forgot to tell you, I was buckled up to be a strict member that morning, enjoying every session without holding any special role;becoming even the 10 minute lead singer did not cross the path of my thought).
Then it clicked in (the second praise section) It was time to embrace the spiritual grip of worship and as I could assume, I felt I was more than ready… OK partially I would say, I was 56% ready.

I moved forward with grace, giving one quick smile to the person I just collected the microphone from and that was it —— I wouldn’t say “blank”

    Facing the church, was no new thing but this time around, I felt lost as i found myself searching through collections of songs in my head. My voice shaking, as i  raised one,expecting the rest to follow suit but this funny assumption of “are you sure they know the song?” Poped up like a notification..

God help me! “I hope I do not get stranded as a worship minister” another thought beeped me, as I didn’t want it to look too obvious,I knew I had to do something fast but what I needed wasn’t as close as my teeth were to my tongue: My song book! 

This moment was where I needed a song,a song that would flow with the tempo and won’t drop the height we reached spiritually..my desperate search couldn’t take all day as we leaped into the next segment of the service. Thank God I was rescued!    
   Sincerely I asked myself: “what really happened?”I know I need help and this, to a large extent isn’t close to what I should be doing as a worship minister.

   Searching myself as I alighted from the stage putting a courageous face up as the congregation cheered at the wonderful syphosim just performed but down in my battle mind I felt different, asking myself if I was too nonchalant or a geniue worship minister. If it were the first,where did I go wrong? 


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