If there is something more pressing in my life right now,it’s going to be living a fulfilling and productive life.Talking of being productive, i don’t mean going to college, getting a job, getting married,the giving birth thing,raising kids and the likes.No hard feelings oh,they are also productive but I mean having a life that shows the physical results of your labour and other things you do in your closet.A life that makes you feel you are not just a spectator or a bench warmer in this world,having a life that counts and has a notable effect on the world and letting people know you for something spectacular and unique.Sometimes i feel people have done all the unique things in the world and there is nothing more for “the son of man” to do but then i watch the news and see new stuffs invented,then am like ohhhhhhhhh i wish i thought of this first! Then i realise there is still much more to be done in this world but only few people get to reach the depth of this truth and actually ends up doing something about it.It involves meditating deep and trying to seek for solutions to problems around you.It involves taking a step even if it feels too heavy to lift your legs cause the truth is you have to be hardworking and diligent to have a productive life.Am using this medium to reach out to ladies and gentlemen who have undying desires to impact the world positively  and give their generations a reason to be glad they are in your lineage.


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